Partner program

CheckMarket Partner Program

Looking to start your own market research company? This is the perfect opportunity!
Exclusively represent the CheckMarket enterprise survey platform in your country.

Grow your own market research business

Differentiate your new company from full-service only firms by combining an enterprise survey tool with research services. The tool generates its own revenue and new leads for services. It also allows you to offer new modern research methods to your existing clients. Your company will represent CheckMarket exclusively in your country. We provide the platform, website, back-office, training and more. Your company provides the local services. There is no up-front investment. This unique business model requires a local presence. That is where you come in.

Customers can use the platform in a DIY model and/or reach out to you for market research services. You generate revenue either way.

Generate recurring income

This proven business model provides revenue from two sources:

  • First of all you receive 50% of all survey tool revenue you generate! As opposed to services, subscriptions are recurring income and scale well without growing your staff and has a great margin.
  • The second part is equally lucrative. You have a chance to sell your own services alongside the tool! Users of the tool will need many market research related services, ranging from consulting on survey design to custom analysis and reporting. The revenue from these professional services is 100% for you.

Represent a state-of-the-art platform

CheckMarket’s enterprise survey tool is one of the best in the world. This European developed platform has been on the market for more than 12 years and serves thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, such as Toyota, Heineken, Nestlé, PwC, IKEA, Microsoft, and more

CheckMarket’s platform is web-based and multilingual. We host the platform. You do not need any servers nor worry about any technical aspects.

CheckMarket provides an excellent web-based back-office to manage your survey tool prospects, clients and users in real-time. We provide great guidance in managing the Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. We will also give initial training for your support and sales staff. The website and tool are already available in three languages. More can be added quickly to localize the website for a new market.

See if you match

One or more market research professionals, with an entrepreneurial spirit, interested in starting their own business.

We are NOT looking for a company that wants to add this to the bottom of their list of services. We are not looking for an employee. We are looking for a one more individuals with market-research experience and contacts, with an entrepreneurial spirit that wants to BE CheckMarket in their country.

Meet our expectations

You provide an office, telephone line, helpdesk staff, sales staff and market research related services. The CheckMarket website for your country will display your telephone number and street address. If our tool is not yet available in your country’s language, you will be responsible for translating the website and newsletters. We have easy-to-use translation tools.


You have the following sales and marketing tasks in your market:

  • Follow-up of leads generated by the CheckMarket website in your country using our excellent web-based back-office tools.
  • Generate leads with a proactive sales approach.
  • Give presentations and demos of the tool to prospects.
  • Exhibit at trade shows.
  • Manage Google AdWords and other marketing campaigns for your country. We can help you with the set up.


You have the following support tasks in your market:

  • Organize a first-line helpdesk via Zendesk, reachable by telephone, email and chat.
  • Good support is crucial! Support requests must be answered fast and correctly.


You have the following billing tasks in your market:

  • Invoice end customers in your country.
    • Open a Stripe account in order to accept and monitor credit card transactions in your country.


You have the following research tasks in your market:

  • Provide additional market research services to CheckMarket customers
    • 100 % of the revenue of the services you provide is for you!
  •  Provide the following subscriptions for your staff:
    • SPSS and Office (Excel) subscription for researchers
    • Google Apps subscription for all employees: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, …
    • Adobe Creative Suite subscription(s) for designer(s)


Send an email with your motivation to and explain why your company would be a good match for our Partner Program.