Alexander Dobronte

Why there needs to be a European variant of the Net Promoter Score


The popularity of Net Promoter ScoreSM is staggering. We see it used constantly in both B2C and B2B surveys. Its utter simplicity is extremely attractive to managers sick of the overly complex reports they are used to getting from the market research industry. What I want to talk about is the impact of culture on NPS®. I started thinking about it when a long-time client of ours in the Netherlands was acquired by an American company. The American company placed great importance on NPS even basing bonuses on it. The American company was surprised at what a low NPS score the Dutch Company was getting. The score wasn’t low, it was just above 0 which in NPS terms is actually neutral.

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Automated alerts: Listen – Act – Win

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Surveys can seem like rather one-way communication to respondents. They give their time and effort to complete a survey and too often don’t receive any feedback about their answers.

Automated alerts give you the opportunity to break that perception and quickly interact with your respondents. Alerts, used correctly, can win back at-risk customers. They allow you to communicate with dissatisfied customers to learn and repair damaged relationships through coordinated follow-up.

For example, you can identify disappointed customers automatically based on an NPS® or general satisfaction question and push an email alert to their account manager for immediate follow-up.

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CheckMarket now also in Arabic


The CheckMarket survey interface is now available in Arabic. We now have it in 34 languages.

The tool offers you and your respondents:

So if your customers speak Español, or maybe العربية or even ελληνική γλώσσα, they can easily fill out your survey in their own language.

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Member of ESOMAR

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Since October 2010 CheckMarket has become member of ESOMAR.

ESOMAR is an international market research organization with more than 4.800 members in over 120 countries.

This association was founded in 1948, and has as a mission to encourage, advance and elevate market and customer research worldwide. ESOMAR’s main objective is to promote the importance of market and opinion research as a way to gain insight into specific topics and issues in order to make effective business decisions. To achieve this ESOMAR offers a wide range of sector-specific conferences, publications and communication platforms.

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Market research gone bad

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The CheckMarket team isn’t just a well-oiled machine; we have a great deal of hidden (acting) talent in our ranks. A short while ago we took the initiative of highlighting CheckMarket’s qualities via a short, light-hearted film. Our members of staff put their best feet forward to demonstrate how market research should definitely not be carried out.

It probably won’t get an Oscar nomination but after a great number of takes we can finally show you the results.

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Market Research in the age of social media

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There’s no getting away from social media on the media landscape these days. A question that often comes up is when and how can social media be used in the framework of an online survey. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are particularly effective when used to link respondents to a survey.

Depending on your objectives when compiling your research project you choose one or more target groups. Facebook fans or Twitter followers are possible populations. Social networks have huge potential. Below you will find some key figures for the big three

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Avoid having your email invitation end up in the spam box

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Our helpdesk sometimes gets questions from users afraid that their email invitation won’t reach their panel or that it will end up being marked as spam. Of course CheckMarket does all it can to make sure that your invitations and reminders reach your mail every time. But in these days of ever stricter spam filters taking precautions and testing is well advised.

These days, email providers are utilizing increasingly more advanced filtering technology all the time and what is new is how much importance is paid to the content of the mail.

The following tips can help you avoid the jaws of spam filters.

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