Looking for new colleagues!

Do you know someone who wants to help build CheckMarket? We continue to grow and are looking for fresh forces. Who do we need?

Front End Web Developer

A talented expert who can further develop our survey tool along with our Development Team. He or she likes working on the client side and has an eye for beautiful and user-friendly interfaces.

Market Research Project Manager

An organizer who can easily and accurately support survey projects for our national and international clients from the proposal phase to the analysis. In addition, he or she takes care of the further expansion of our client base.

Do you have ambition or know someone from the province of Antwerp? Let us know!


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  • Nonie - August, 2017 reply

    Hi. I want to know if my detractors are more than my promoters, what should one do? for eg :My promoters are 14% while my detractors are 65% what will be my NPS score? Please advise.

    Maarten Marijnissen - August, 2017 reply

    Hi Nonie,

    It’s perfectly possible to have a negative NPS, if there are more detractors than promotors.
    In this case your NPS is -51.

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