12 questions to add to your Employee Engagement Survey

The best brand advocates are your own employees. But, how can you find out if your employees are engaged? With an employee engagement survey you can easily measure how engaged your employees are and what areas could use some improvement. But which questions and statements do you add to your survey?

At CheckMarket, we always recommend starting with the results. What do you want to learn from your survey? What would you like to measure and analyse? Maybe you want to research what your employees think about the company culture, what the relationships between colleagues is or whether your employees are satisfied with their current role, or not. There are plenty of different aspects and layers to employee engagement. So, it is crucial to decide which areas you want to focus on before you start sending out surveys

The following questions and statements refer to the different aspects of employee engagement. We touch on culture, leadership, individual roles, personal development,… The statements should be answered on a scale whereas the open questions can be used to get into more detail.

Statements to add to your employee engagement survey

  1. My organization’s business strategy and goals are clear to me.
  2. I have a clear understanding of what I am expected to deliver.
  3. I have a good relationship with my direct colleagues.
  4. My direct manager regularly gives me helpful feedback on my job and my performance.
  5. The objectives of my department are clear to me.
  6. I receive the relevant information I need to perform my job well.
  7. I enjoy working for my organization.
  8. There is a good balance between my work and personal life.
  9. My job provides me with opportunities to learn new skills and develop new talents.

Open questions to add to your employee engagement survey

  1. What are you truly satisfied with in your organization? What makes you really happy in your job?
  2. Are you currently looking for another job?
  3. On a scale from one to ten, how likely are you to recommend working within your organization to a friend or family member?

Or, let CheckMarket help you

We have our own employee engagement survey template available in the tool. You can easily adapt it to your company’s needs. Our template has all the best practices for employee engagement questions already in place, making it super easy for you to start your own research. Our reporting tool will give you real-time insights in how you are performing and can be fully adapted to your needs. After you are done building an insightful report, share it with others. Create different share links, each with different filters, depending on what you want viewers to see. We’ve also written an article about our 6 best tips to make your employees fill in your survey

What’s next?

Asking the right questions and making beautiful reports is only part of your job. What you do with the results is what will make you successful. Increasing the engagement of your employees doesn’t happen overnight. But, it is important to make sure your employees are aligned with the values and the goals of the company and that increasing engagement is a priority in your company. Turn the feedback into action and turn your employees into brand advocates.

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