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Add headers to your survey

You can easily add headers to specific sections in your survey. This way you can inform your respondents up front what the following questions will be about, e.g. your service, the variety in products, the price, etc.

Add headers

You add a title or header using the question type Text / Media.

  1. Go to the survey and click on Edit.
  2. Click on Text / Media where you want to add the header or text.
add a text/media question type
  1. Type your header in the textbox.

Tip! Use the Formats menu to change the look of the text. When you set it as Header it’ll get the look as set in the Appearance menu of the survey.

type your title or heading
  1. Click on Save

Your header has now been added.

Repeat the steps above in order to add various headers to introduce each set of questions in your survey.

result after adding the title

Attention! A header is not the same as a page title. You can add page titles to you survey in order to more easily set up your branching or page display logic. These are not visible to your respondents.

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