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It happens so often. You want to carry out a survey and make sure you reach a representative sample of your target group. But where do you find this sample? They don’t come knocking on your door asking to be invited, now do they?

In this case, let us help you find the right people for your specific survey project.

We can provide millions of paid respondents, tailored to your specific needs. Do you want to survey sports fans, housewives, or a representative sample from a specific region? We can provide it!

How do I request a CheckMarket survey panel?

    1. Create a survey in the CheckMarket Online Survey Tool.
    2. Click on Distribute and then on Add / Remove channel.
    3. Select the distribution channel Buy a targeted panel.
    4. Click on Save.
    5. The following options are now visible:

CheckMarket survey panel - options

    1. Click on Request a quote for a panel to let us know what type of online survey panel you are looking for. We’ll get back to you with a tender within one business day.


More information?

If you want more information on the CheckMarket survey panels, please have a look at our survey panels page. Or contact our Sales Team.

Get a targeted survey panel


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