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The CheckMarket Scribe tool

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When your respondents complete a paper questionnaire, it is sent to CheckMarket for processing. We make a scan of the forms during which answers to closed questions are recognized using OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and automatically added to the online reports. The handwritten responses to open questions are stored as images in these reports.

There are several ways in which you can process these images.

  1. You can just leave them as they are. The images will be visible, for example, in a respondent report so you can still consult that person’s open responses. In reports where the image itself is not immediately visible, you’ll be given a URL via which you can download the image, so you can again read the answer word for word the way the respondent put it.
  2. You can use our text analysis option to tag the images. Charts will be created out of these tags so you can conduct further analysis from there. For more information, please see our Survey Text Analysis article.
  3. A third option is to process the images via our free Scribe tool. Using Scribe you can transcribe the text word for word so that the images will be processed as text in all of our reports and downloads. When our Paper Team scans the survey copies, all images are added to a Scribe project as well as to the online survey reports. You can give access to Scribe to as many colleagues as you like. Multiple persons can work in Scribe simultaneously.

Working with Scribe

  1. Sign in to Scribe.
  2. You will see a list of all tasks assigned to your account along with the progress for each task.
  3. Click on the name of the task you wish to work on.
  4. You’ll now see an overview of how many images you and your colleagues have already completed, and how many you still have to do.
  5. Click on Start input to start transcribing the images.
Start input in Scribe
  1. On top you’ll see the question that was asked, with right underneath it the respondent’s handwritten answer.
  2. In the lower text box, type the answer you see.
how to transcribe images in Scribe
  1. If the image is blank, or people just put a dash there, you can mark it as blank.
  2. If you can’t read the handwriting, mark it as uncertain. You can always go back to review the uncertains later.
  3. Click on Next image (or use the shortcut Ctrl + enter) and work through the entire list of images. In the top right corner you’ll always see the number of remaining images that still need to be transcribed.

The answers you’ve transcribed will immediately become available in the CheckMarket reports.

Tip: use the keyboard shortcuts to get the work done even faster!

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