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Data Processing Agreement

We offer a data processing agreement for your organization’s data, making it easier to ensure you are using best practice contractual protections. Our data processing agreement clearly articulates our privacy commitments.

Our clients can enter into these data processing terms via the opt in process described below. You must be signed in as account administrator or legal representative for this task.

Acceptance of the data processing agreement does not affect the functionality of CheckMarket in any way.

Opt in to the data processing agreement

  1. Sign in to CheckMarket.
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Click on Legal & compliance.
  4. Under Data Processing Agreement, click Review and Accept.
  5. Click I Accept.

Not authorized?

Are you not legally authorized to approve CheckMarket’s DPA? Then download the signed DPA and send it to the legal representative of your company or organization. Return the DPA to, bearing the following information of the legal representative:

  • initials on each page
  • name, position, organization, date signature and signature on the last page

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