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Anonymizing surveys

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Sometimes you may want to conduct an anonymous survey. This means that it is not possible to see who specifically gave which answers. Normally lots of information is collected, such as IP address, Geo location, the referring page. If you use contacts, then you can see exactly what each contact responded.

There is an ‘Anonymize survey’ option in CheckMarket which does the following:

  • Disables the collection of IP addresses.
  • Disables the collection of the referring page.
  • Breaks the connection between contacts and their individual responses.

If you are using contacts, you will still be able to track your contacts. You will be able to see which of them were invited, reminded, which of them bounced, opted-out, responded, etc. You will still be able to send automatic reminders. You will NOT be able to see their individual answers. In the respondent data, you will be able to see all the metadata in the custom fields that you imported, so make sure that you do not import personal identifiable information (PII) into these fields.

Anonymize all surveys in your account

When you want to anonymize all surveys in your organisation’s CheckMarket account by default, please have your account administrator send this request to our Support Team. From the activation of this setting, all existing surveys for the entire account are anonymized and any new surveys will also automatically be anonymized.

If this setting is activated for your organisation’s account and you wish to turn it off for an individual survey, please contact your account administrator. They will be able to change the setting, as long as the survey is ‘in development’.

Anonymize a specific survey

Only the survey owner or the account administrator can anonymize individual surveys (if all surveys are set anonymous at the account level only the account admin can change it).

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the survey.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Options.
  • Select Anonymize survey.
  • A warning will appear informing you that you cannot undo this setting anymore after the survey is launched. Click Ok to confirm.
  • Click on Save.
Warning! Once a survey is “Live”, this setting can only be activated and no longer turned off.

Anonymizing is hard!

Making a survey anonymous is harder than you think! Make sure you do not ask personal questions in the survey itself. For instance, if you are conducting an employee satisfaction survey and you ask the department, age, and gender of your respondents, you may be able to identify an individual from the raw data based on rare combinations. Make sure you do not report on groups that are too small.

If you need help, our research team can act as an independent third party. We can guarantee that the data is collected anonymously and only reported in aggregate of groups no smaller than a set amount. Using a third party may encourage respondents to answer more freely, especially if there is a good communication ahead of time. If you are interested, please send us an email about your project.

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