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Download your results


While your respondents are filling out your survey, you can already download your results in several report types and file formats.

All in real-time.

You can download the results directly or from a (shared) report.


Download your results directly

  1. Click on Surveys.
  2. Open your survey.
  3. Click on Analyze and then on Download results.
  4. Here you can select several download options:

    Download options

    (1) Type: choose Raw Data.

    (2) File Format: select the file format, e.g. Excel, SPSS, CSV, … For more information on the available formats, click on info next to the filter.

    (3) Date responded: download the report for a predefined period or click on specify to select a specific time frame.

    (4) Completion level: download the data for all respondents or only for respondents who’ve completely or partially filled out your survey.

  5. Click on Download.

Your report will now download and you’ll receive a link to the file. Click on this link to open the file and save it to your drive.

Or right-click on this link and save it directly to your drive.


Often downloading reports for clients or management? Create a ReportBuilder report and share it with them. It will save you tons of time.

These people will not have access to your account. They will only see the (filtered) results of the survey you send the link for. Other survey results remain inaccessible.


Next step (optional): change your chart colors.


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  • Louise Simmons - September, 2018 reply

    Re downloading the results in real-time. I have a mixed methods survey, therefore mostly quantitative with some qualitative (text boxes). It is a public consultation survey on our programs, services and operations.
    If I want to analyze the results in real time on a monthly basis, is there a way of comparing the different sets of qualitative data (answers written in the text boxes) so I know what new comments have been added from month to month?

    Nadia De Vriendt - September, 2018 reply

    hello Louise

    Yes, in that case first go to the online report with charts instead of the “download results” page. Filter on date responded there, and then download the report. It’ll take that date filter into account.

  • Negi Shah - November, 2016 reply

    We cannot download the result as ppt version. It shows that it’s downloaded only by 8%.

    please help

    Maarten Marijnissen - November, 2016 reply


    Can you please send an email with the survey name and your question to our Support Team?

    They’ll be glad to assist you!

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