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Use of CheckMarket credits

You can buy CheckMarket credits at any time online in your account.
Once you have purchased credits, the system will automatically deduct the amount due for the various products / services from your credit supply. You can also use them to pay for subscriptions, or any of the services CheckMarket offers.

  • 1 credit =  1
  • Extra discount of up to 5%
  • Can be used for services & subscriptions
  • Printable invoice with PO number
  • Real time overview usage

Why use credits?

Organisations and companies can benefit from credits. If you need a purchase order number for each purchase, buying credits once a year to cover all your costs can be convenient.
Another reason might be that at the end of your fiscal year, you have some remaining budget that you cannot carry over to next year’s budget. Use that remaining budget to purchase CheckMarket credits.
Also if you have long-running survey projects or if you have several surveys going, purchasing CheckMarket credits can result in less invoices and thus less work for your accounting department.
If you are a member of the general public, you must use credits if you want to use our tool.


Big discounts

In order to reward members who choose to pay directly using our secure online payment system, we offer discounts based on the amount purchased at one time.


Credits low?

You will receive an email notification that your credit balance is low when your credit balance falls under 10% of the total credit supply after your last purchase. If you wish, you may then purchase additional credits to prevent your current surveys from being halted prematurely.


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