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Consult your CheckMarket invoices online

As account administrator or when you have the “Billing administrator” role, you can very easily view all your invoices from your CheckMarket account. You can pay invoices online, add your own reference, print and download them as a PDF.

  1. Sign in to your CheckMarket account.
  2. Click on Account in the menu on top.
  3. Click on Billing.
  4. Click on Invoices.
  5. You now see a list with all paid and unpaid invoices for your account.

example list of paid and unpaid invoices

  1. Click on View invoice icon to open the invoice in a separate tab and view its details.

If the status of an invoice is “unpaid” you can pay this invoice online with a credit card. Or you can first add your reference to the invoice if this has not already been done.


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