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Allow respondents to review and print your survey

Standard sentence

You can let respondents review and print the survey before starting it. The link to the survey preview is saved under its own variable: {{survey.printingUrl}}.

You can add this variable to the email invitation or to the introduction. It will automatically change into a URL once a respondent views the survey or email.

Attention: the variable is case sensitive.

You can also add this variable to a sentence so this sentence turns into a hyperlink. CheckMarket has provided a standard sentence for every language, but you can personalise this sentence as well.

1. In the text editor of the email invitation or introduction, click on the drop-down menu Variables.
2. Select the option Printable question form.

Personalized sentence

  1. In the text editor of the email invitation or the introduction, type the text you want to turn into a hyperlink.
  2. Select this sentence.
  3. Click on the button Hyperlink manager (Ctrl + K) hyperlink manager.
  4. In the URL field write {{survey.printingUrl}}.

TIP: If you wish for the printable version to open in a new window, select the option New Window in the drop-down menu Target in step 4.

5. Click on OK.

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