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Once you’ve decided which pricing plan you want, you can either pay later by invoice or pay by credit card. Both payment types are available for all of our plans: per survey or per year.

Only European companies and organisations have the option of paying later. Companies and organisations outside of Europe, as well as individuals can pay by credit card.

In order to be able to pay by invoice, you need to request invoicing first.

  1. Sign in to CheckMarket or sign up for a free trial account.
  2. Click on Upgrade now.
  3. Select a pricing plan.
  4. Click on Later when you see the question When would you like to pay?
  1. Fill in the form and click on Send.
  2. Your request will automatically be sent to the billing department.

Once your billing information has been verified and handled you will receive confirmation by email.

What happens when your account is upgraded?

  • Your trial account becomes a client account. Everything you did in the trial period is still there, trial surveys, contacts, media elements…
  • You can change your free test survey into a paid survey with no response limit, either by making a copy of your test survey or by upgrading it. You can then edit it further or launch it right away.
  • You can also have CheckMarket fully or partially manage your survey project or request a tender for our numerous services.

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