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Downloadable report types

CheckMarket offers the following downloadable report types:


Custom reports

These are reports you can create yourself using our ReportBuilder. You determine the content and appearance of these reports.


Raw data

This is a table of all the respondents and their individual responses. Each respondent is listed on a separate row. The first few columns contain properties of the respondent and the rest of the columns contain the responses to each question in a separate column.


Respondent uploads

Download all files respondents added to the survey via the upload question type in one single zip file. This zip file contains a folder per question, and each folder contains all files uploaded for that question. You can also filter on date or period responded.


Questions & Responses

This download contains the properties of the questions such as the text and type.


Distribution summary

View distribution statistics and response timeline.


Custom analysis

Don’t see the download types you are looking for here? We also provide custom analysis services. Send an email to for a free estimate.


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