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Link your own paid survey panel to a survey

If you’re not using a CheckMarket survey panel you can still link your own paid survey panel to your survey.

How do I link my own survey panel?

  1. Create a survey in the CheckMarket Online Survey Tool.
  2. Add a hidden textbox question as the very first question. The external provider’s contact ID will be captured in this question.
  3. Add a question data label to this question, e.g. “panel”.
  4. You will receive a list of redirect URLs from the panel provider: for completes, screeners, quotafulls, speeders, etc. (depending on the panel provider you may receive different links)
  5. There will be a placeholder for the panelist ID in these links. Replace this placeholder by the variable for the hidden question that captures the panelist ID. Refer to it by using the question data label that you set earlier. In our example the variable will be {{respondent.questions.panel}}
  6. Now go to the end of the survey. Add branching at the bottom of the last page. Branch to a URL and paste the panel provider’s “complete” link here. You only need to set the “else go to” condition. This way all respondents who reach this page will go that URL, regardless of their answers.

Branching to the complete link

  1. Attention: if your survey has multiple final pages based on the respondent’s answer pattern, make sure to set the “complete” branching on each “last” page.
  2. Go back up to the questions that define your target group, i.e. the screener questions. Add branching to the “screener” URL for those respondents that do not pass your screener questions, for example if they are too young, too old, do not live in the correct area, do not buy the right products, etc.
  3. Set the Reached end drop-down to Screened out for all screener questions.

set up branching for screeners

Your survey is now ready. The panel provider, however, still needs to receive the correct survey links so that that first hidden question will indeed be filled out with the panelist ID. You can get these links by following these steps.

  1. Click on Distribute and then on Add / Remove channel.
  2. Select the distribution channel Buy a targeted panel.
  3. Click on Save.
  4. The following options are now visible:

via survey panel - options

  1. Click on Via panel provider – settings: this page contains the URLs the external panel provider will need in order to route their respondents to the survey. They must replace the variable [PANELIST-ID] with their own ID. Each URL leads to a LIVE version of the survey.

Add Quotas

To be 100% sure you only collect the responses you need you can set a maximum number of completes for your survey. In order to do so, click on Settings and then on Options and fill out the desired number of completes.

Additionally you can set survey quotas so that the survey closes for a specific segment you already have enough responses from, whilst remaining open for other segments you still want to reach. Make sure to redirect to the quotafull links that you received from the panel provider/

Ready to go!

Once all has been set up and you survey has been thoroughly tested, launch the survey and start collecting responses.
If you don’t have your own panel, try one of ours!

Get a targeted survey panel


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