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Utilizing video across surveys harnesses the opportunity for storytelling, which can impact your organization’s decisions. With the LivingLens video question type, you can configure a widget in your surveys to capture media responses from respondents.

Note: To add this video question to surveys, an additional subscription to LivingLens is required. Reach out to your Medallia expert for information on how to access this feature.

To add a video question to a survey, complete the following steps:

1. Create a survey and then add a question to it. Select the video question from the Special types section of the survey editor.

2. In the Question textbox, enter the question that you would like respondents to answer. 

3. Select the Settings tab. You must enter values for all required fields before you can save the survey. See “Settings Fields” below for descriptions of the required and optional fields.

4. Select the Display Logic tab to configure which questions are shown or hidden from respondents. See Page display logic for additional information on the options available on this tab.

5. Click Save.

Settings Fields

  • API Key (required): See “Retrieving API Key and Channel ID Values” below.
  • Channel ID (required): See “Retrieving API Key and Channel ID Values” below.
  • Capture Options (required): Video is selected by default. Select Audio or Image if you would like your respondents to respond using those methods. Select one or a variety of combinations of all three capture options.
  • Maximum Widget Width (required): This is set to 620px by default. Entering a higher width is not recommended because the media capture component may be distorted as a result, depending on what devices respondents are using to complete the survey.
  • Minimum Media Length: Enter a minimum media length (in seconds) if you want respondents to record a minimum amount of time. Respondents will not be able to stop recording until the minimum media length has been reached.
  • Maximum Media Length: Enter a maximum recording length (in seconds) if you want to stop respondents from recording past a certain point.
  • Allow File Upload?: Select this option for respondents to upload a previously recorded video, audio, or image if respondents choose not to record responses in real time. The default value for this option is set to No.
  • Is Question Mandatory?: If set to Yes, respondents must record and upload responses before they can move on to the next question.

Retrieving API Key and Channel ID Values

To retrieve values for the API Key and Channel ID fields, you must log in to LivingLens and activate Media Capture. Then complete the following steps:
1. On the Editing Channel screen, select the Media Capture tab.
2. Copy the API Key from the API Key field.
3. Retrieve the Channel ID from the channel URL in your web browser. This is the value after channels/edit/ (as shown in the image below).


Reporting within CheckMarket is not currently available for the video question. Log in to the LivingLens platform to view all respondents’ media to analyze responses further.

Identifying videos in LivingLens

Videos that respondents record in CheckMarket can be viewed in LivingLens. The title of each video in LivingLens is two numbers (example “2 – 6”), which refers to “respondentID – pageID”.

See LivingLens – Capturing Impactful Video in Surveys for details on adding videos to surveys.

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