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Can I pay by credit card?

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Yes, you can! And it has many advantages.

When you upgrade your account and pay by credit card, your account will be active immediately so you can launch your survey and start collecting responses straight away.

When you order new packs of emails or respondents or when you pay for extra services, your credit card details will be filled out automatically. You’ll only need to verify and confirm your payment.

You can update and delete your credit card details, or you can add a new card at any given moment.

Upgrade your account and pay by credit card

In order to activate your account and pay by credit card, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Upgrade now in the top right corner.
  2. Select the desired pricing plan and click on Now when asked When would you like to pay?
when would you like to pay
  1. Fill out your credit card details.
  2. Click on Confirm and pay.
confirm and pay by credit card

Your account is active immediately and you’ll receive an invoice by email as reference.

When you order extra packs or when you order a (higher) subscription, all you need to do is verify the credit card details and click on Confirm and pay again. All credit card details will be saved (securely).

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