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Can I pay by credit card?

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Paying by credit card has many advantages.

If you are not a CheckMarket customer yet, and you are ready to upgrade your account, paying by credit card means that your account will be active immediately so you can immediately launch your survey and start collecting responses.

Existing customers who pay by credit card will have their credit card details filled out automatically when purchasing extra packs of emails or respondents. You will only need to verify these details and confirm your payment.

You can update and delete your credit card details, or add a new card at any given moment.

Upgrade and pay by credit card

In order to activate your account and pay for the subscription or survey bundle by credit card, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Upgrade now in the top right corner.
  2. Select the desired plan and enter your payment details.
confirm and pay by credit card

Your account has immediately been activated. You will receive an email confirmation with an attached invoice.

Your credit card details are saved securely. So when you want to order extra packs or order a (higher) subscription, all you’ll need to do is verify the credit card details and click on Confirm and pay. It doesn’t get any easier!

Order a new survey bundle

(Only applicable to the “Per survey” model.)


When you have the “Per survey” model, each new survey that you order will be charged separately. When you selected Pay now during your account upgrade, your credit card details will have been saved, so any new surveys that you created can be upgraded in just a few clicks.

  1. Go to your CheckMarket account
  2. If you’ve not created the new survey yet, create a new survey.
  3. Click the green Upgrade now button in the top-right corner.
  4. Verify your credit card details and click on Confirm & Pay.
confirm and pay by credit card

Order new respondents or emails

If you require additional packs of respondents or emails you can purchase these at any given moment. When you’ve selected the Pay now option when you requested invoicing, your credit card will be charged automatically after ordering the extra packs.

  1. Go to your CheckMarket account
  2. if you’re on the Per survey plan go to the survey for which you wish to purchase extra packs. Then click on Buy additional packs.
  3. If you have a subscription the button Buy additional packs will be visible on the Home page.
  4. Select the number of packs you wish to by and click on Confirm & pay. Your credit card will be charged with the amount shown in the button.
confirm and pay by credit card

Pay your CheckMarket invoices by credit card

When you’ve requested invoicing and indicated Pay later you can still pay the received invoices by credit card. These invoices are accessible to both the account administrator and anyone with the “Billing administrator” role.

  1. Click on Account in the menu on top.
  2. Click on Billing.
  3. Click on Invoices. You will see a list of all invoices charged to your account.
list of invoices in CheckMarket account
  1. Click on the pay online icon icon next to the invoice you want to pay online.
  2. You’ll get the following screen with your billing information prefilled.
click on ``confirm & pay``
  1. Review your billing information and update them if necessary.
  2. Fill out your credit card details and click on Confirm and pay.

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