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Send sensitive data safely to CheckMarket

Sometimes you need to be able to send sensitive data to CheckMarket. Sensitive data can be, for example, email addresses, personal details, internal company information regarding clients, …

Because email is not encrypted and therefore not secure, we have made a secure upload zone available in your user account where you can send us sensitive files.

How to upload sensitive files to CheckMarket:

Go to your CheckMarket account > Help > Upload zone.

  1. Select the Team (1) to which you want to send the files (Support, Research, …).
  2. Enter a clear Subject (2) including the project name.
  3. Enter a Comment (3). If known, mention the CheckMarket staff member that needs to receive the files.
  4. Select up to 10 Files (4) (50 MB/file) that you would like to upload.
  5. Click on Upload (5).

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