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Survey checklist – 18 steps to a pitch-perfect project

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Not sure where to start with your new CheckMarket survey project? Or you’re ready to launch, but want to check whether you haven’t skipped any important steps?

Use the following survey checklist to make sure you’ve done all that’s necessary in order to conduct your perfect survey:

Click here for a PDF version

Create a new survey

Add all questions (in 1 language)

Add page titles, especially when it’s a long survey

Add branching and page display logic

Add a design

Test your survey!

Translate your survey (with the translation file)

Test your survey in the other languages!

Select a distribution channel

Write your email invitation and reminders (some tips)

Add a banner to your mails

Send test mails

Import contacts

Set up automatic email notifications

Test the survey as one of your contacts

Set up a soft launch

Launch your survey

Review your results

Download and print this checklist and check the box next to each step you finish. It will help you keep track of your project and ensure you don’t miss any important steps.

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