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QR code and short URL

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Pass out flyers, hang posters or create ads with a QR code which leads to your survey. You can find the QR code for every survey on the distribute page and you can even specify the size.

Using the CheckMarket tool you can easily generate a QR code that automatically links to your survey. People who scan this code will be taken directly to the survey.

Through the survey URL in the various distribution channels you have the possibility to generate such a QR code.

Select the distribution channel

  1. Sign in to CheckMarket.
  2. Open the survey you want to generate a QR code for.
  3. Click on Distribute and then click on Add/remove channel.
  4. Tick the option Web and URL/Social media and click Save.
  5. You will automatically be taken back to the Distribution overview.

Generate a QR code

  1. In the Distribution overview click on the link Survey URL.
  2. In the following screen click on the fourth tab QR.
  3. Click the Generate button to generate the QR code and short URL.

QR code generate

Save the generated code and put it, for example, on a poster or flyer. You can also add it to your paper surveys so that respondents can simply scan this code in order to be taken immediately to the survey.

QR code with querystring parameters

  1. In the Distribution overview of your survey, click on the link Survey URL.
  2. In the following screen click on the tab QR.
  3. Click the Generate button to generate the QR code and short URL.
  4. You will see the QR code and the short URL. If your survey has more than one language, the QR code for a specific language or the language selection page will be shown when selecting the language in the drop down menu.
  5. In the box where the short URL is shown, type in your querystring parameters.
    Attention: start with a question mark ‘?‘ between the short URL and your querysting parameter.
    eg. [ShortURL]?[QuerystringParameter]​
  6. Press the ​ button on the right hand side to generate your custom QR code. You will notice the QR code changes.
  7. Right click the QR code image to save the QR code image.

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