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View files from survey upload question

Uploaded files from respondents are available for 6 months after being uploaded. You can download these files in a single ZIP file, or you can download them one by one via the report with charts or the raw data in Excel.

Download all uploaded files at once

  1. Go to the survey.
  2. Click on Analyze and then on Download results.
  3. Select Respondent uploads in the Type drop-down.

respondent uploads

  1. Add a Date responded filter if you want.
  2. Click on Download.

The ZIP file will be generated after which you can download it. Each Upload question is a separate folder in this ZIP file, containing all uploaded files for that question per respondent. The file name is the respondent id which can be seen in the ‘respondents overview‘ or in the ‘raw data download file’.

Via the respondents overview

In the respondent overview you can add extra columns, amongst which the columns for the upload questions.

    1. Go to the survey.
    2. Click on Analyze and then on Respondents.
    3. Click on the Columns icon in the top right corner.
    4. Scroll down until you reach the questions and tick the boxes next to the upload questions. If you do not see the upload question in the list. That means it does not have a data label. Go to the edit page and give the upload question a data label and then come back here.
    5. These questions now become visible in the respondent overview. Each column contains the direct links to the files that were uploaded.
    6. Click on these links to open the files.

Via the individual respondent report

In the individual respondent report you can download the files that this particular respondent uploaded. If it is a Word, Excel, PowerPoint…. file, click on the file link to download it. If it is an image, you can view the image directly within the individual report.

    1. Go to the survey.
    2. Click on Analyze and then on Respondents.
    3. Next to a respondent click on Actions and then on Report.
    4. Scroll to the upload question and open the uploaded file or view the uploaded image directly.
    5. Click on the image to open it in its actual size in a separate tab. You can also save the image here.

Via the raw data in excel

You’ll get the same link to download each file separately in the raw data in Excel.

  1. Go to the survey.
  2. Click on Analyze and then on Download results.
  3. Choose Raw data as type and Excel as file format.
  4. Optionally you can add some additional filters.
  5. Click on Download.

The upload question column will contain the links to your uploaded files. Paste these links in your browser in order to download them.

download file excel

Deletion of uploaded files

Files uploaded by respondents are automatically and permanently deleted 6 months (183 days) after being uploaded. This is not based on the end date of the survey since many surveys remain live indefinitely. If a survey or respondent is deleted manually or by data retention rules, then the uploaded files are also permanently deleted after 7 days.

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