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What can I expect from a subscription?

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A subscription is a pre-paid package of surveys, respondents and emails that is valid for one year. Prices and volumes vary per plan.

All of our subscription plans offer unlimited surveys, unlimited free support and the same functionality in terms of creation, distribution and reporting as our other billing models.

There are 5 subscription plans, each with different volumes of respondents and emails.

Should you require more respondents or emails than provided in your chosen model, you can easily buy additional packsPurchased extra volumes are immediately available. The volumes are usable until the end of your current subscription period.

Two types of packs are available, one with extra respondents and one with extra emails.

If you use additional products or services (such as extra packs, custom design, personalized survey URLs, scripting, …) you will receive an invoice at the end of the month or the costs will be deducted from your credit balance depending on your payment type.

Should the terms of your current type change in the course of your subscription year, the initial conditions and volumes still apply for the full duration of your subscription period. Any amended terms or volumes are only applied at the extension or renewal. If the price and/or conditions change, you will be informed in advance by email.

An overview of all subscriptions and extra packs can be found on the Pricing page.


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