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Costs made before your subscription starts

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If there are costs that have not been invoiced yet, these open costs will be invoiced along with the cost of the subscription at the moment of your order.

All future costs not covered by the subscription such as custom work or consulting will be charged at the end of each monthly billing cycle.

If you would like two separate invoices (an invoice for the open costs and one for the subscription), you can contact the billing department at

Once your subscription is active, the continuing use of your previous surveys is charged within your subscription.

A practical example:
You have launched a survey on January 1st and it will be live 1 month. Two weeks after the launch – on January 15th – you order a subscription. Your subscription becomes active the same day. Then you send 100 reminders for this survey resulting in 50 respondents. The cost for the survey and the respondents and emails prior to January 15th are charged in the invoice of January 15th. The 100 reminders and 50 respondents that came after January 15th are deducted from the respondent and email volumes within your subscription.


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