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We are passionate about customer service. It is a core value at CheckMarket and it shows. When you call us, a human being answers the phone, not a machine. Our policy is to try to answer all support mails within 60 minutes during our business hours. Our positive, determined support staff knows a thing or two about market research. Their goal is to leave you with a WOW feeling.

Since we have an online survey platform, our support staff can log into your account to assist you. So relax and go ahead, try some advanced branching combined with piping. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry… we’re just a phone call away.


    Send us a support email during business hours and we will do our best to answer within the hour, even outside of business hours we will answer your support request as quickly as possible.


    We never leave, and the lights are never off. We are a true 7/7/365 company. Send us an email New Year’s Day – we’ll be here.


    A qualified and experienced person, who knows a thing or two about surveys, will answer your email. We offer support in English, Dutch and French. You can send us an email anytime, including weekends.

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CheckMarket has been a complete game changer for our service. Since March 18th, our staff have completed pre-shift screening over 28K times using the COVID-19 screening tool. The vast majority (~85%) of staff are using their mobile phones to complete the screening, thus reducing contact with high touch surfaces like a kiosk keyboard. Real time notifications of failed screenings and dashboards for each business unit have made CheckMarket invaluable to ensuring the health & safety of our staff, patients, and community partners. The CheckMarket support team has been outstanding. As our screening tool has evolved with changing guidelines and BI needs, they have been exceptionally responsive to support tickets often providing real time assistance late into the night. I can’t say enough about how great CheckMarket has been. Thank you!

John Klich, Continuity of Operations | City of Toronto
Jesús Nieto, European Court of Auditors

Superb tool & company: Easy to use, interactive data analysis, fully multilingual, pay-as-you-use, responsive (and free!) phone and email support.

Jesús Nieto, European Court of Auditors
Kevin Schatz, Cigna

CheckMarket is a solid survey platform and the team has provided us with recommendations to help us structure our surveys to gain insightful information and better understand our customers.

Kevin Schatz, Cigna