Become an expert yourself

Welcome to the CheckMarket Academy. Save time and conduct great surveys by following a training session.

How it works

CheckMarket offers user trainings for the survey tool. New employees can learn how to conduct survey projects efficiently and existing users will discover advanced features.

The result

New employees or new CheckMarket users take a fast start and will use the tool optimally. After the training they are full CheckMarket users ready to start. Experienced users discover all the CheckMarket strengths and learn how to use the extended possibilities more efficiently. This results in the creation, distribution and reporting being optimized.

Our experts

One of our experienced survey specialists visits your office and teaches you the tips and tricks for developing great surveys, illustrates the different distribution channels and shows how to get the most out of the reporting.

The training course is tailored to the skill level of the participants. This can range from beginners who have never used the CheckMarket tool to experienced users who want to specialize in specific aspects of the tool. We always adapt our training so that is suits you best.


A CheckMarket training takes half a day and you can choose the number of participants. A standard course costs $ 600 (plus travel expenses). If you have specific requirements, you will receive a customized proposal. This investment pays for itself by the time you and your colleagues will save afterwards.


If you have any questions or want to organize a training please contact our project managers at + 32 14 700 703 or by e-mail: