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Brand Recognition

A brand reputation survey determines the strength of the reputation of your company, your products, services or brands. There are two typical measures: spontaneous and aided awareness.

Reputation Research

A reputation survey tells you how others think about your organization or product. This can be suppliers or customers, just as internal employees or the public in general.

Website Evaluation

Website research gives you an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your site, in terms of content, design and usability.

Pre- or Post- Campaign Test

Before releasing a campaign, it is recommended to test it first in a sample group. And of course you also want to know (and measure) the impact that a given advertising campaign had. Therefore you run a post-test. This only makes sense if you measure twice: once before the campaign launch , and once after the campaign to measure its results .

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Communication Research

A communication research examines the effect of messages and media that were or are going to be used.

Concept Testing

A good concept test determines the general first impression of a concept and if the message is credible and clear. It also checks whether the concept attracts the target audience.

Packaging Research

Meets the packaging of your product the high expectations of your consumers? Such studies may cover ease of use, shape, size and design. The fit between product and packaging is examined as well.

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