Buy CheckMarket credits ahead of time and then use them to pay for our tool and services.


  • 1 credit =  1
  • Credits never expire
  • Extra discount of up to 5%
  • Can be used for services & subscriptions
  • Printable invoice with PO number
  • Real time overview usage

When to use?

  • To pay for CheckMarket services and products.
  • Your organisation wants to budget the costs for a certain period with one invoice, including services.
  • You have some budget left over, that you would like to keep for the future.

Purchasing Credits

Purchasing CheckMarket Credits is very similar to purchasing pre-paid telephony services: you purchase credits ahead of time and then use them for our tool, services and subscriptions.

The system will automatically deduct the credits as you use them. You can purchase extra credits at all times.


Learn how to purchase credits

Credit purchase discount
5,000 – 10,0001 %
10,001 – 25,0002 %
25,001 – 50,0003 %
50,001 – 100,0004 %
100,001 or more5 %


You can use ‘credits’ to pay for CheckMarket plans and services. You can specify a PO number to be included on the invoice.

Credits do not expire. Purchases are only settled via credits if there are sufficient credits in your CheckMarket account to cover the complete purchase amount.

A detailed real-time overview of your usage per survey project can be found under your account.

They can be used for more than just surveys, respondents and mails. They can also be used to pay for services, such as custom design work, consulting, panels, etc. You can choose how many credits to buy with a minimum of 50. Before doing so you would do well to estimate your planned expenditures to ensure that your purchase is in proportion with them. You can request a tender to help you estimate your costs.

You will receive a free email notification that your credit balance is low when your credit balance falls under 10% of the total credit supply after your last purchase. If you wish, you may then purchase additional credits.