CheckMarket is specialized in surveys. It is what we do. It is all that we do. Our team of survey specialists is here to assist you. If you need consulting on a project, one of our project managers can run your project from A to Z or help out with a specific aspect. If needed they can come to your location.

The result

CheckMarket takes care of your entire survey project (s). That way you are sure that your survey runs smoothly and you do not have to devote time to it yourself. If you want a market research specialist can support you for a specific part of your project.

In practice

When preparing a survey project we examine together how our specialists can help you. You will get a clear estimate of the cost, timing and output for the project.

Once the project is on track, you can rely on the CheckMarket survey research specialist who takes care of everything.


We offer consultancy services based on your briefing. The time it takes depends on your needs. We always provide you with a detailed tender for your survey project. Consultancy is done by experienced market specialists.


If you have any questions or want to order a custom design for your project, please contact our project managers at:

+32 14 700 703