Translation services

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  • By native speakers

    CheckMarket is specialized in multilingual surveys. Native speakers translate for you. They are experienced professionals that are always looking for the right tone of voice.

  • In all languages

    From Arabic to Chinese, from Estonian to Maltese, from Hebrew to Indonesian, … we can translate it for you.

  • Integrated for you

    We integrate the translations in your project. Everything, including all page display logic, branching, page breaks and additional question options is fully functional.

  • Fast

    We translate your entire survey project (questionnaire and e-mails) within a few days so you can launch it right away.

The result

You can create a CheckMarket survey in more than 40 languages. If you have a version in one language we translate it to the language(s) you want.

The big advantage is that we integrate the translations directly into your survey. So you do not have to anything.

In practice

If you want one or more translations, you get an estimate of the cost and the planning. Once you approve our translators start right away. The translations will be integrated directly into the tool. You get a preview of the survey in the additional language(s) allowing you to validate the translation. Once you have done this, your survey project is ready to launch.


You always receive a quote for translating your survey project. The amount of words and the number of languages determine the price structure. You can always ask an estimate.

The CheckMarket system is easy to use and I love how easy it is to update translated versions of surveys. We provide surveys in 15 different languages and what used to take us months to update, now only takes a couple days or less.

Jaime Barone, GlobalEnglish


If you have any questions or do you want us to translate your survey project, please contact our project managers.

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