Send out paper survey invitations

Want to reach people you don’t have an email address from? Send out paper survey invitation letters or hand out flyers. Using a short URL or QR code respondents can easily fill in the survey online.

  • 'Post to Web'

    You might not have email addresses from everyone you want to reach, but thanks to CheckMarket you can still survey these people. Using a letter or flyer with easy URL and password respondents can fill in your survey on any device with internet connection. This can be a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • DIY to full service

    Get started yourself or leave (parts) of your survey project to CheckMarket. We provide an attractive layout and take care of the printing and distribution of written invitations, such as letters, flyers, postcards, …

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Use paper survey invitations to…

… reach people who are not included in your e-mail list. If you got physical addresses, you can easily send out letters. For example, if you send invoices to customers, you can attach an extra letter with a link to your survey.

… survey people on the street, in public areas or physical shops. Flyers or cards are ideal for this. For example, restaurants or shops distribute cards with a QR code with a link to a customer satisfaction survey. Or distribute letters in a city or village for a neighborhood survey.

… reach people who don’t have access to email. For example, there are many seniors who don’t own a computer or smartphone. Send them a letter with easy URL that can be typed into a browser easily. They undoubtedly know someone with a device they can fill in the survey with.

How it works

  • Create a survey.
  • Choose distribution channel ‘Paper’ and generate the URL or QR code.
  • Create and distribute your letters/flyers/postcards or let CheckMarket take care of it.
  • Let the results roll in and follow-up in real time in our tool.

Want to know more?

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