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Individual respondent reports

There are two types of respondent reports available in CheckMarket: the report with metadata, and the report without metadata.

Domains used in surveys

Here are a list of CheckMarket domains used in surveys. Make sure all of them are reachable if your respondents have limited internet access.

Change your survey start date

When your survey is already launched and its start date is in the future (status is “launched”), you can still change this date afterwards.

Send preview email invitation

Send an example of the email invitation to yourself or a colleague or preview it in your browser before sending the invitation to your contacts.

Update contacts in a survey

It is possible to import additional fields to existing contacts or to change already imported contact fields, even when your survey is live or closed.

Custom fields

You can change your custom fields names on survey level so that their contents are clear to everyone with access to this survey or the reports.

Surveys Kiosk Channel

The channel ‘Kiosk’ is mainly used when you want to ask visitors of an event, exhibition, concert, open house, etc. to fill out your survey.

Post a survey on LinkedIn

Using CheckMarket you can easily share your survey invitation either with your LinkedIn connections or publicly without having to leave the tool.

How to post a survey on Facebook?

Via Facebook you can post your survey invitation to your personal timeline or you can make use of their adverts campaigns to reach a specific target group.

Post a survey on Twitter

Using CheckMarket you can easily tweet your survey short URL to all of your followers directly from within the tool.


You can embed your survey right into your website. This isn’t just a link to the survey, but the actual survey questions on your website page.

Reset survey contacts

Resetting contacts makes it possible for those contacts to fill out the survey again using the same link that they have received before.

Email batches and drip surveys

When you send survey invitations, you can set up email batches so your invitations are sent out spread out over time. This is also called drip surveys.

Set up a soft launch

A soft launch means you gradually send out email invitations for a survey so that any teething issues can be addressed before the entire panel is invited.

Add a password to your survey

Add an extra layer of security to your survey by adding a password. The tool can generate the sign-in codesor you can decide the passwords yourself.

Edit survey responses

You can edit survey responses of both contacts and non-contacts. Make sure you have the respondent’s permission and respect the ICC/Esomar code.

Reactivate a survey

Reactivate a closed survey via the distribution options. Just set the new end date and time and click “reactivate survey”.

Pop-ups and pop-unders

CheckMarket allows you to use pop-ups and pop-unders for asking website visitor feedback at the beginning or at the end of their website visit.

Survey QR code

Generate a QR code for your survey. People can scan the QR-code with the camera app of their smartphone to take the survey.