Help Center

Change your chart colors

The CheckMarket tool uses a fixed standard color combination for its charts, but you can easily change these chart colors to any color you like.

Download your results

While your respondents are filling out your survey, you can already download your results in several reports types and file formats, e.g. Excel, SPSS, etc.

Show/hide questions in quick view

With CheckMarket you can show or hide questions in real time in your reports. If you don’t want certain remarks or hidden questions show up in your reports.

Filter your charts

You can use different types of filters in the report with charts and filters. The charts in this report will be updated to only show the filtered results.

Change the chart type

Your survey results can be represented in different chart types in the report with charts and filters. You can easily change the chart type.

Build a dashboard

You can create custom dashboards by using the embed function in our reports. It works just like embedding a YouTube video.