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Easy to use

Work right in your browser. No need to download anything.

This is a feature complete survey tool that is known for its ease of use. Special question types like ‘Net Promoter Score’ and ‘upload files’ are included. Rich-text formatting, display-logic, undo, autosave, … They are all there.

Survey Templates

Our research experts put all of our best practice in our survey templates and we want you to get the credit!

Display logic

Branching and display logic allows you to route respondents based on their answers, custom fields, language, gender, …


Completely personalize the appearance of your survey by adding logos, banners, fonts, colors, etc. to match your company’s brand.

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Publish everywhere

Collect answers fast from your target group via multiple channels such as email, web, social media, text message, paper, …


Import contacts and send out emails. Track who responded, bounced, opted-outed and send automatic reminders.

Text message

Send personalized SMS text messages.

Social media

Post surveys to Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, right from our software.

Pop-up / iframe

Show floating pop-ups on your website or embed surveys using an iframe.


Buy respondents that match your target criteria.

and more…

Machine readable forms, kiosks, own domain, etc.

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Get answers fast!

Discover insights in the data that lead to action. The smart real-time reporting automatically sets the correct chart type and colors based on multilingual negative keyword detection. It is these kinds of details that set us apart from the so called “free” online survey tools, where you end up paying with your time.

Native formats

Generate native reports with charts in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, SPSS, …


Create dashboards that can be shared or embeded in an intranet.


Share reports with others in just a few clicks.

Text analysis

Tagging and sentiment analysis are built in.

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Get notifications

Get real-time notifications by email, text message, Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. based on conditions you specify like when a respondent is unhappy.

Set conditions

Set conditions based on how respondents answer or on meta-data you imported, such as customer type, segment, region, etc.

Create actions

When conditions are met, they trigger actions such as sending an email, an sms text message, or a follow-up survey. They can also create a Zendesk ticket, create a Salesforce lead, …

Win back customers

For example, identify disappointed customers automatically based on an NPS® or general satisfaction question and push an email alert to their account manager for immediate follow-up.

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… and so much more!

The complete survey solution

A professional survey platform with enterprise grade security.

Unlimited support

By our experienced team which is located in-house, not in some call-center.

User managment

Create unlimited users at no extra charge. Specify which roles users have.

Own domain

Use your own domain to send and host surveys.


Create surveys in more than 40 languages.

API / integrations

Automate your research with our extensive API. Integrate with Salesforce, Zendesk, CRM, …

Professional services

From scripting to custom analysis. We can help you to get the best out of your survey projects.

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