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Our journey

Since our founding 18 years ago we keep evolving and strive to help our clients get the actionable insights they need. These are some of the highlights of our journey.

It all started in our founders’ home (a.k.a. our first office). A SaaS company, back then pretty innovative.

Wanting to focus on the enterprise market, we allowed accounts to have unlimited users for the same price!

The Flemish Government chose CheckMarket as their survey platform. Today multiple departments are still engaging with citizens on CheckMarket.

Getting too big … Time we moved into our first ‘real’ office.

Our survey interface was available in over 20 languages, 22 to be specific.

We started offering paper surveys and scanning as additional services.

Our surveys were available in all EU languages.

We launched the first version of our API.

We became a proud member of ESOMAR, the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research.

We launched our Scribe tool to make handling open paper survey answers easier.

The CheckMarket survey interface was available in Arabic, our first right-to-left language, closely followed by Hebrew.

CheckMarket joined Febelmar, the Belgian Federation of Market Intelligence.

We first introduced automatic notifications and integrations.

In the year of our 10th anniversary we released a new interface that was faster, more intuitive and above all mobile-friendly.

We added a 2nd data region in the Unites States with its own data centers.

We launched a great enterprise security feature: 2-step verification. CheckMarket was the first survey tool in the world to have it.

Alexander Dobronte, one of our founders, became a board member of Febelmar.

We released the 3rd version of our API including webhooks.

The CheckMarket tool had users from over 150 countries and our survey interface was available in over 40 languages.

We first introduced embedding questions in email invitations.

We added open text and sentiment analysis to our reporting.

CheckMarket added its 3rd data region in Singapore, Asia.

After the EU, US and Asia, we started to store data from our Canadian customers in our brand new Canadian data centers. Our 4th region.

On our 15th anniversary and growing faster than ever …  we moved to our own new, innovative and fun office site.

We became GDPR compliant and introduced very strong privacy features, such as data retention rules.

We introduced our own scripting language called CSL (CheckMarket Scripting Language).

Auto-tagging was added to our built in text-analysis tool.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, forced 100% of our staff to work from home. Luckily CheckMarket was well structured for remote working. Our entire infrastructure, both our own platform and internal tools are all cloud-based; even our phone system uses a virtual PBX. So all of our staff can continue to work from home without interruption and without compromising on security.

Facing the COVID-19 crisis, we were quick to develop a COVID-19 screening tool for employees and visitors on March 1st with best practice questions, notifications and reporting.

With everyone working from home because of lockdowns, we introduced a special weekly Work@Home pulse survey to help organizations monitor the well-being of their staff. Never had so many been working from home.

Why us?

There’s more to it than just data collection.
Here’s 10 of the many reasons to choose CheckMarket as your survey platform.

Why CheckMarket

Our office

Our office has multiple open workspaces, innovative collaboration rooms, a cozy bar, a game room (table football, ping pong), a large terrace,
a covered bike parking with charging and a spacious parking lot.

Want to join our team? Take a look at our job page!

Our customers

Our platform is used by many government agencies, large corporations, small businesses and individuals all over the world, such as:

CheckMarket is proud to be a member of

  • I highly appreciate all the professional help we get from the CheckMarket support team & the online support pages. When speaking to the team, there is not only always timely & client friendly feedback, but also always straight to the point = excellent understanding of my issue & solution approach. The team usually directly offers one or multiple solutions to the problem raised (e.g. complex configuration), plus an explanation of what happened or why my config didn't work as expected, so it allows me to build my knowledge over time and get the best use out of the tool. Honestly one of the best tool & client services I've ever experienced on the large landscape of online tools I continuously use.

    Melanie Loudhaief, Prodigious
  • Superb tool & company: Easy to use, interactive data analysis, fully multilingual, pay-as-you-use, responsive (and free!) phone and email support.

    Jesús Nieto, European Court of Auditors
  • It’s always a pleasure to work with CheckMarket. The flexibility and service of the people, the competitive price/quality ratio and the high quality of the automated direct reporting tool are all reasons why we love working with CheckMarket.

    Pieter-Jan Gheysen, Nestlé Belgilux
  • CheckMarket has been a complete game changer for our service. Since March 18th, our staff have completed pre-shift screening over 28K times using the COVID-19 screening tool. The vast majority (~85%) of staff are using their mobile phones to complete the screening, thus reducing contact with high touch surfaces like a kiosk keyboard. Real time notifications of failed screenings and dashboards for each business unit have made CheckMarket invaluable to ensuring the health & safety of our staff, patients, and community partners. The CheckMarket support team has been outstanding. As our screening tool has evolved with changing guidelines and BI needs, they have been exceptionally responsive to support tickets often providing real time assistance late into the night. I can’t say enough about how great CheckMarket has been. Thank you!

    John Klich, Continuity of Operations | City of Toronto
  • CheckMarket is a solid survey platform and the team has provided us with recommendations to help us structure our surveys to gain insightful information and better understand our customers.

    Kevin Schatz, Cigna
  • Survey tool with lots of options and helpful support. We use CheckMarket for various surveys, from very simple to longer and more complicated. The tool is very easy to use and results are easy to analyse. CheckMarket enables us to do more research in less time.

    Alucia Kanne, AG Connect
  • Of all the products I have evaluated, this is by far the most impressive. It’s highly customizable, flexible, powerful and fairly priced for our needs (per screening as opposed to per user). Thanks for your assistance.

    Peter Kalogiannis, The Ambassador Theatre Group
  • Excellent realtime dashboard and great tagging possibilities. Tagging the answers in the dashboard is really easy to use and generates insights quickly!

    Lars Hegemann, Flemish Government – HR Expertise Center
  • Thank you so very much for adding that functionality, and adding it so quickly. I wish the support I receive from other suppliers/vendors was half as impressive as the support I receive from CheckMarket! Your team is amazing.

    Linda Sgabellone, City of Ottawa
  • Thank you for your prompt help. I have been in the business world for decades and have never seen a company being so responsive.

    Ayhan Mamedoff, Vatech Networks