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Automate your research. Save time and money using our survey API.

survey API

Measure continuously

Don’t just conduct a classic once-a-year survey. For quality enterprise feedback management (EFM) you need a lot more data points. Our Survey API allows for tight integration with your internal systems, so that you can automate your research. That way, you increase quality, reduce costs and save time. A perfect example would be a rolling NPS® survey, where a small subset of customers are screened each month.

Create dashboards

Our survey API is not just about sending data to CheckMarket. It is about the full circle. Getting data and insights back into your systems is crucial. Populate dashboards and balanced score cards with live data coming straight from our survey API such as a 30 day rolling average NPS score or average rating for a customer rep. You can also update your own CRM with data from a survey.

See trends sooner

Continuous monitoring will give you feedback a lot faster. This allows you to always fine tune your marketing actions, to follow up your sales processes and to monitor your customer support. Our platform helps you get the most out of your data. EFM helps your employees act on feedback data by getting to them in near real time.

With a feedback-improvement loop you go beyond just capturing feedback. You share the data within your company, you recover unhappy customers quickly, you discover insights in the data and you improve your customer experience.

Transactions and triggers

Transaction based research is a great way to receive timely and accurate feedback from customers. When a certain event occurs such as a helpdesk contact, purchase, cancelation, etc. a survey is sent out immediately and automatically. This increases the response rate and quality of the responses.

Then take it a step further by using triggers to automate the routing of special responses back to your organization. For instance, if a customer indicates that they are unsatisfied, have a mail with their responses sent to a customer service rep who can contact them immediately to remedy the situation.

Developers Guide

CheckMarket application programming interface (API) is a REST-inspired technology for reading, writing, and modifying surveys and their results in your CheckMarket account without logging in. CheckMarket’s survey API allows developers to hook into CheckMarket and integrate its functionality into their internal applications. Enterprise feedback just got easier.

Use of the CheckMarket API is included in all of our plans at no extra cost.

Survey API developer portal

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