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Target Group Definition

Defining your target audience is a crucial element in your marketing approach. If you want your products and services to optimally respond to your customer demands, divide the market into clearly identifiable segments and choose those you want to focus on.

Price Study

In the very early stages of developing a product or concept, you pay attention to the price positioning. By studying your price options you get a clear view on how to launch your product on the market.

Prospect Analysis

Acquiring new customers often takes considerable time, money and energy. Yet expanding or renewing your customer base is key for your business’ long-term health. A well prepared prospect analysis will guide you.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors can be of great value to your business. Choose carefully the topics for weighting your own company or product against the competition (for example price, service, quality, convenience, location, …).

Product Distribution

A product distribution study verifies if your product is present at the right places and if it is properly presented to the consumer.

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Product Research

By doing product research you can completely evaluate a future or an existing product. For a product that is still under development you can gather new ideas, for an existing product you get to the point feedback.

Voters Survey

When elections move closer you might want to measure the voting intentions for predicting results. You can also try to estimate the expected turnout or figure out which campaign themes are most appreciated.

Government Research

For governments at all levels is very important to stay in touch with the inhabitants. One of the key government tasks is to collect the wishes and aspirations of the population. Government Research can cover many different subjects, ranging from very general topics such as the economic situation, health or mobility, to very specific questions.

Population Study

A population study helps you as a local, municipal or federal authority to shed more light around governmental issues.

Non-profit Research

Whether you are part of a cultural, educational, political or other non-profit organization, you want to do a reality check on how you are doing. Thus, for example you can evaluate the social base of your organization or check if your current themes are still up to date.

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