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Intuitive Survey Builder

Our easy to use survey builder allows you to create and edit surveys in no-time right from your browser. Choose one of our templates or start from scratch. We provide you with the tools to create efficient and good looking surveys from which you can gain valuable insights.

  • Rich-text-editor
  • Inline editing with autosave
  • Live editing
  • 20 question types
  • 50+ languages
  • Customizable responsive design

Diverse Question Types

Whatever you want to ask your audience, CheckMarket offers a whole host of question types for you to choose from all the common types you’d expect to more specialist ones for advanced use cases:

  • Open text
  • Multiple choice
  • Rating scales
  • NPS
  • Matrices & tables
  • MaxDiff
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Closed card sort
  • Video questions
  • And more

Effortless Distribution

Collect answers fast from your target groups and maximize response via multiple channels while still tracking respondent sources.

Distribute your surveys via:

  • Our email platform
  • Web
  • Social media
  • Text message
  • Slack
  • Your own email client
  • QR code
  • Telephone
  • Kiosk

Powerful Reporting

Collecting data is the first step of your survey project. The real value of your information lies in the efficiency of reporting. We provide you with real-time reporting so you can spot trends earlier, determine response rates more accurately, send reminders to increase the response, and generally manage your survey project more effectively.

You can generate reports with charts in native formats, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, SPSS, CSV, etc. And because of CheckMarket’s multilingual capabilities, you can also report on your data in multiple languages.

  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Benchmarks
  • Text analysis & auto-tagging
  • Breakouts
  • Download in various formats
  • Share reports with others

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications give you the opportunity to quickly interact with your respondents. Set conditions based on how respondents answer surveys and when these conditions are met, they trigger the notifications.

Examples are: sending an email or Tweet; generating a lead in Salesforce; creating a Zendesk ticket and sending a message in Slack.

Notifications can also create new contacts for follow-up surveys. This will improve your work flow drastically.

If used correctly, automated notifications can win back at-risk customers before it is too late. They allow you to communicate with dissatisfied customers to learn and repair damaged relationships through coordinated follow-up.

Deep Integrations

CheckMarket’s API

Automate your research and save time and money using our survey API. It’s not just about sending your operational data to CheckMarket. It is about the full circle. Getting data and insights back into your systems is crucial, so you can get feedback a lot faster and measure continuously. (Read more)


CheckMarket loves simplifying! Our software integrates with your favorite tools, so you can automate your daily tasks. Our survey integrations allow you to share data between our survey platform and Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Zapier and social media. (Read more)


Webhooks allow you to build or set up integrations which subscribe to certain survey events. Webhooks can be used to synchronize internal data, invalidate caches or even adapt your application flow. You’re only limited by your imagination. (Read more)

survey integrations

Unlimited Users

Collaborate on your survey projects by adding other users to your account. You can add an unlimited number of colleagues at no extra charge. Once a user has been created, they will be able to sign in using their own email address and password. Determine what a user can or cannot do by granting specific rights, roles and permissions.

With Single Sign-On (SSO), your users can log in to our tool using your company’s internal login system. This allows you to control access to CheckMarket across your company.

White Label Options

Use CheckMarket as a white label by using your own (sub) domain name. All email invitations and URLs come from and lead to this domain. If someone tries to find out who the domain belongs to, it will lead back to you. This adds an extra layer of trust and customization to your survey projects.

Iron-clad Security

Security and privacy are our highest priorities. That’s why our platform is hosted in multiple datacenters on multiple continents and all data are stored in Class A datacenters with extensive physical security. We also secure surveys with SSL Encryption to assure participant privacy and information integrity. Other security measures are activity log and two-step verification, and we’re fully GDPR compliant.

Read more about our infrastructure