CASE 3: Brussels South Charleroi Airport – Paper surveys


The challenge

Brussels South Charleroi Airport welcomes more than 6 million passengers each year. The airport was looking for a way to ask passengers in the terminal for their opinion on the existing airport accommodation & services and for suggestions how they could be improved.

Why did Brussels South Charleroi Airport choose CheckMarket?

  1. CheckMarket offered an integrated solution for data collection online and on paper.
  2. The completed paper surveys are quickly scanned and the results are immediately available online.
  3. CheckMarket has a useful tool to analyse open answers.

The solution

  • CheckMarket optimized the survey and made a custom design for the paper version.
  • Via the CheckMarket tool, the airport employees can analyse and process the open answer questions themselves.


“CheckMarket is a good and reliable partner for us. They offer excellent service and respect agreements and deadlines. Furthermore, the contact is pleasant and result-oriented.” 

Ingrid Tahon
Aviation Executive

About Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) has duty-free shops, several bars and restaurants, an airport press and book shop, a chocolate counter, luggage depot and a supermarket. Because of its modest size and proximity to Brussels, it is an interesting destination for low-fare airline companies. Ryanair has one of its hubs at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Other active commercial companies are Wizz Air, Jet4you and Jetairfly.

The result

  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport gathered 5,000 completed paper surveys. CheckMarket immediately scanned them so that the answers were quickly available in online reports.
  • The standard reporting feature immediately gave a comprehensive view of the profile of the airport visitors and their evaluation of the airport.
  • The total cost of this project was much less than a similar one done before with another partner.


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