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Employee Satisfaction Survey

With an employee satisfaction survey or climate survey you know what’s going on in your company. Your employees often know very well how the company can improve. It’s up to you to assemble feedback. You can gauge their opinion about their job, the working conditions, career opportunities, suggestions for improvement, communication, change management, and so on.

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360 Degree Feedback

360° feedback is a method for evaluating an individual’s performance based on the input of multiple evaluators. They are colleagues that often work with the person and have a good view on his daily functioning.

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Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Send an email invitation with NPS question already embedded to gain fast feedback. Import your organizational data too and get NPS by Department, tenure and more.

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Employee Evaluation

A regular employee evaluation is standard in most companies. You can judge your employees correctly by comparing their actual results with the original goals. For each objective you check to what extent your employee has managed to achieve it, based on objectively measurable parameters.

Bottom-up Evaluation

A bottom-up evaluation measures the leadership capabilities of a manager based on a number of core competences. The result is an accurate image of the strengths and weaknesses of this person. The survey is filled in by the direct staff in the team or department of the executive.


A self-assessment can be part of a job evaluation or a job application. The subject is asked to evaluate himself on a number of core competences and tested on skills that are important for performing the job.

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If you organize a training or a course for your employees or other audiences, have them fill in a review afterwards.

Career Development

Use a questionnaire to determine the competences and skills of your staff and to gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Ask them how they see their career evolve and how they want to achieve that.

Candidate Screening

Applicants entering their CVs online facilitate the work of HR departments and interim recruitment agencies. You can easily compare the different candidates. Therefore you use a survey questioning them about socio-demographics, motivation, training, work experience, language skills and interests.

Tests (Personality, Language, …)

The CheckMarket tool is excellent for performing all kinds of tests for your employees or applicants. Think of language tests or IQ tests to screen various candidates for a job.

Exit Interview

An exit interview is held when an employee leaves your company. This usually occurs between the outgoing and someone from the HR department. As this is often a delicate issue, an online questionnaire can bring solace.

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