Event Evaluation Survey

Event Evaluation Survey

Organizing an event or developing a training program is very intensive. By collecting feedback before, during or after your activity, you are sure that the content meets the expectations or will do so in the future.

CheckMarket’s survey tool lets you create an event evaluation survey with a few clicks. You can even conduct the survey during the event with QR codes and kiosks.

Create your own event evaluation survey

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CheckMarket offers a number of built-in features for event surveys:

  • We have an event evaluation survey template you can use for free.
  • Our system automatically calculates your event results and the breakdown of the respondent types in real-time!
  • We have an automated workflow which includes follow-up surveys you can use to improve your future events.
  • Our experienced event specialists can help you with a wide range of professional services.

” CheckMarket is a solid survey platform and the team has provided us with recommendations to help us structure our surveys to gain insightful information and better understand our customers. “

Kevin Schatz, Cigna

Determine working points

Ask a follow-up question to attendees that had (very) low satisfaction. With our piping feature you can add the actual score given to the follow-up question.

Try the sample survey below.

event evaluation survey: Generate reports with charts in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, SPSS, CSV

Ask your audience during the event

Evaluations during the event and CheckMarket’s real-time results allow you to make quick adjustments to increase satisfaction.

Equip hostesses with a tablet or a classic paper survey to get feedback during your event.

Or project QR codes linking to your survey in the communication of event.

Tips and tricks for event evaluation surveys

A survey allows you to get an instant view of the overall satisfaction and identify improvement points. Follow the tips below to make your next event stand out.

  • Feedback is a dish best served hot. The ideal moment is the day after your event.
  • To collect maximum response offer respondents a discount on the next event or access to the digital presentations.
  • Announce your evaluation on the event itself. Use your incentive during the announcement to encourage guests to participate.
  • Always end with an open ended question where your guests can ventilate their experience or even their tips to improve your event.

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