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HTTPS survey: be sure your data is safeHTTPS surveys use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to guarantee that the data you collect are always safe and protected.Surveys with SSL Encryption are critical if you want to assure participant privacy and information integrity.
SSL encryption is a default free feature of the CheckMarket tool. So you have the peace of mind knowing your data is always secure.

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CheckMarket offers a number of free built-in features for creating secure surveys:

  • HTTPS is turned on by default for all surveys. You and the respondents filing in your surveys are sure that the (sensitive) data they fill in are safe and secure as the responses are encrypted during transmission.
  • HTTPS is turned on by default for all users. When creating, editing or analyzing a survey, the connection between CheckMarket and your computer is secure, and not at risk from third party infiltration.

” CheckMarket is a solid survey platform and the team has provided us with recommendations to help us structure our surveys to gain insightful information and better understand our customers. “

Kevin Schatz, Cigna

Why use HTTPS surveys and SSL encryption?

As you are collecting survey responses, security is your top priority. Your data is safe with us.

  • You want to be sure that your surveys and their results are not accessible for third parties.
  • You want to protect sensitive data.
  • You want to encrypt survey responses.
  • You want to guarantee your respondents that their data and personal answers are safe and secure and stay strictly personal. So they will trust you knowing that their data are used appropriately and handled securely.

HTTPS surveys

How does SSL encryption work?

Normally data sent between your browser and web servers is sent in plain text, which leaves it vulnerable. If an attacker is able to intercept data being sent between a browser and a web server, he can see and use that information. But when a site has SSL encryption, no one can see the data being transmitted.

You will see that our survey URLs begin with https:// so you are sure your survey responses are sent over a secure, SSL encrypted connection.
Users will also see a padlock symbol in their browser to confirm that their access to the survey is secure.

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