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Quiz – Test – Exam

Turn any survey into a quiz, test or exam by adding scoring! Or apply it in your HR surveys, use it as a classification in product or customer surveys, etc. When people answer a question, you can tell them whether they got the answer right, or keep their scores to yourself. You can use the score in branching, page-display logic, prefilling, notifications, piping, reports and more.

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Academic Research

The CheckMarket survey tool is used on a regular basis for academic research at colleges and universities. You can use it for a thesis or dissertation.


A poll is a short survey (often even a single question) on a current topic. It is often used by newspapers or on websites to check the views of readers or visitors on a relevant topic.

Project Evaluation

If you often manage projects you use periodic evaluations to determine whether your project is executed efficiently and successfully.

Gather Ideas

You can easily use the CheckMarket survey tool as a modern version of the traditional suggestion box.

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Organize an Election

Many companies and organizations hold elections from time to time. If you want to get rid of pencils, paper ballots and waiting queues, choose an online election. This saves you time and money. The reporting shows you the results in real-time.

Point of Sales Evaluation

Set up a questionnaire with all the topics you want to verify in your points of sale and have your representative(s) do a local check.

Mystery Shopping

Do you have any idea how your customers experience your service and points of sale? Are you looking for insights into the needs of your shop visitors? Mystery shopping is one of the most effective methods of evaluating any customer interaction and enables you to appreciate the process from a customer’s perspective.


You want to organize a contest and collect responses fast? Use the CheckMarket survey tool to create it. Launch your contest via email or via a link on your website. You can follow up the results in real-time and export the data right away.

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