Custom Analysis

Do you need any assistance analyzing your survey? Or maybe you just don’t have time. Either way, our analysis experts are here to assist you.

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The result

You get clear insights. Our tool shows you graphs that give you an idea of the answers to your survey. Our analysts go one step further. They translate the data into clear and comprehensible insights and draw the conclusions for you.

You can choose specific reports or a presentation of the analysis. The market research specialist can also visit you to present and illustrate his findings.

In practice

At the start of a survey project or after the data collection, we take a look at the analysis you need. You get a clear estimate of the time the analyst will spend, the custom analysis and the timing. Once the analysis is done, you immediately get the insights.


We do custom analysis based on your briefing. The time it takes depends on your needs. Before any custom analysis is started, we always provide you with a clear and accurate tender. Such analysis is always done by a senior market specialist.

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If you have any questions or want to order a custom analysis for your project, please contact our project managers.

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