Survey Checkup

Have you prepared a survey but do you want an extensive check to be sure everything is perfect? Do you want to maximize your response? Choose for a CheckMarket Survey check-up!

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The result

CheckMarket is the survey specialist. Our years of experience with thousands of surveys will be used to screen your questionnaire. CheckMarket’s Survey check-up offers a full assessment of your survey by our market research experts. Listen to their valuable feedback and you will be guaranteed an excellent survey project.

If you ask for a Survey check-up, we will send you a detailed report, containing a structured overview of recommendations to optimize your questionnaire.

This gives you a clear view of the improvement points for your survey. If you put these into practice, the collection of data will run smoothly. The respondents get to see a better elaborated and comprehensible survey, the answer options are to-the-point and the analysis afterwards will be easier.

You will also receive an overview of the steps needed to increase your response. This gives you a clear picture of the most appropriate distribution methods to bring your survey at the right time and with an appealing invitation to your target group. If you follow our suggestions, you will launch your project in the best circumstances. This ensures you of the highest possible response.

In practice

After the Survey check-up you can get started with the results of our audit. You can optimize your survey using our tailor-made advice, corrections and tips. In this way your project can be launched under the ideal conditions.

If you prefer, CheckMarket can adapt the survey for you based on the remarks in the check-up report. We will give you an estimation of the time needed.


Send us all relevant information about your survey project, and we will happily provide you with a free price quote.

The check-up for a multilingual survey will always be performed in one free-to-choose language (English, Dutch or French).

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If you have any questions or want to order a Survey check-up for your project, please contact our project managers.

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