Create a beautiful survey


WYSIWYG HTML editor – You can easily design richly formatted survey and e-mail invitation text without learning HTML using CheckMarket’s WYSIWYG Advanced Text Editor. Insertion of images makes it easier than ever to create more visually pleasing surveys and invitations in less time.


Question editor

The inline question editor lets you work visually on your survey. That way you maintain a clear overview of your questions as your respondents will see them.
Just click on the text you wish to edit and start typing. When you are done, click outside the text. Your changes will be saved in the background. If you made a mistake, just click on “Undo”. Most functions don’t require a refresh. Context-menus give you direct access to wide variety of options. You can easily manipulate pages, questions and responses all from one page. Apply branching and piping. Randomize response order or making questions required is a click away.

Undo lets you go back if you made a mistake

inline editing


20 question types

CheckMarket offers all common question types plus special ones like NPS, upload, slider and more… In addition, you can customize the look & feel and input types to suit your needs down to the last detail including various validations.
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Survey appearance

Powerful formatting tools such as templates, themes, and custom formatting ensure that your surveys meet all your branding requirements. You can design rich content with images, flash, PDF, audio, video, URLs and other media types embedded directly into your surveys.


“ Over the last few months I have reviewed and tried numerous survey programs and nothing comes even close to the level of sophistication, ease of use and professional look of your company’s product. ”

Helen V. Farrell, M.D., Public Health Agency of Canada


Media library

Each account has a Personal Media Library. This central repository holds all the media files (images, flash elements, PDFs, etc.) a user has uploaded. These media files can subsequently be included in multiple surveys without having to upload them each time separately.

Each account receives 1 GB of space in its library, free of charge. If you require more space, please contact a CheckMarket customer representative. To include larger files you can always link to a URL on your own site.

All media stored in a user’s media-library is strictly private. CheckMarket cannot sell, transfer, or in any other way use this material without the user’s express consent.


Conditional branching (skipping)

Branching allows respondents that answer differently to be routed to different pages. Branching is accomplished using if, then, else logic and allows the surveyor to route respondents to different questions based on their specific answers to a question. It is used to help individualise a survey, and to collect data specific to individual respondents.


Response piping

Piping is a feature that is used when you want to place the answer from one question into the text of a subsequent question. Piping also works in the sub-questions of a matrix question.

For instance you could ask a respondent in which department they work and then in a follow-up question on another page, you might ask them to rate department x, where the x is replaced by the name of the department they answered previously.

If you want to include the answer to a previous question in one or more following questions, you need to use the variable $$$Quest1$$$. You replace the ‘1’ with the number of the source question from which you wish to use the answer. Naturally this variable can not be used on the same page as the source question.