Data collection through call center (CATI)

CheckMarket also offers call center telephone interviews

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  • Decide everything yourself

    Do you wish to use a call center? You decide what you do yourself, and which parts of your study you want to outsource. Our project managers will steer everything in the right direction.

  • Everything in 1 report

    The answers to the interviews by telephone are immediately visible in our tool, and are added to the data you may have collected through other channels. Follow up on the results of your surveys in real-time or consult them per distribution channel using the filter options in our reporting.

  • Call center with a unique approach

    Our contact center chooses quality and does not use computer-controlled calls, but goes for a personal approach. Trained interviewers take care of your data, and speak different languages, such as English, French, German and Dutch.

The advantages of a DIY call center at a glance

Lower cost than classic research agencies

Easy to deploy

Higher response for certain target audiences

All channels in one report

All data in real-time in your CheckMarket account

Neutral party as interviewer

More insight in non-response reasons

Possibility to keep asking questions

Interesting scenarios

Do you wish to survey an audience where you only have the email addresses of some participants, mobile phone numbers or telephone number of others, and only postal addresses of the rest? Now you can survey them all with just one questionnaire (via email, text, paper and call center), one single point of contact and all in a DIY model.

Contact your respondents by telephone so that they can give an additional explanation or comment. This additional information often provides interesting new insights.

If a customer indicates in a survey that they are unsatisfied, you can trigger an automatic follow-up survey by telephone, where the contact center gets in touch with the customer and fathom the cause of the discontent. The feedback in this follow-up survey can in turn trigger a notification back to you, with a report of both the online and telephone surveys included, or shown in dashboards. And all this in near real-time and fully automatic. This way you can quickly win back at-risk clients and reduce your churn rate. The ROI of such projects is incredibly high!

Put a CheckMarket form on your website. Then set up a workflow where the contact center automatically receives a notification as soon as someone fills out this form. The call center agent will then call this respondent and try to schedule an appointment with a consultant.

Not enough respondents for one of your survey projects? Use the CheckMarket call center for additional data collection by telephone.

Press a button and 100 people pick up the phone

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