Send text message survey invitations

Having a wide range of distribution channels for your survey projects makes it easier to find the respondents you need. SMS text messages can produce high response rates, especially with young people.

How it works

  • Import telephone numbers

    Import contacts and keep track of who answered, send automatic reminders and see which messages couldn’t be delivered.

  • Send out invitations

    Write an invitation text and send a personalized message to all of your contacts with just one click.

  • Gather responses

    Text message invitations contain a unique short URL. Contacts answer by tapping the link. Sit back and watch the responses roll in!


It doesn’t matter where in the world your recipients are, the only impact on pricing is where your account with us is based. If you have an account in our Canadian or US region, the cost per message is $0.02. If you have an account in our APAC or EU region, the cost is €0.07 or £0.07 per message (plus applicable taxes).

See an example

To find out what a respondent sees, enter your mobile telephone number below. We will send you a free example SMS invitation to a survey. We will not keep your telephone number.

+[country code][area code][number] - Example: +32475123456
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