SMS Surveys

Send SMS survey invitations

How it works…

CheckMarket sends personalized SMS text messages to all your recipients inviting them to participate in a survey. If they have a smartphone, they can answer it by touching the link and if not, they can type the short URL into the web-browser of their computer.


Having a wide range of distribution channels for your survey projects makes it easier to find the respondents you need. SMS text messages can produce high response rates, especially with young people.

Create your survey on our platform and upload your list of mobile telephone numbers. Personalize the message using variables such as ‘name’. Specify which name the message comes from. Launch your survey and our system will send each recipient an SMS text message containing a unique short URL to the survey. This distribution channel can be combined with other channels such as e-mail to maximize your response rate.

It does not matter where in the world your recipients are. You only pay a fixed price of 0.09 per SMS.


To find out what a respondent sees, enter your mobile telephone number below. We will send you a free example SMS invitation to a survey. We will not keep your telephone number.

+[country code][area code][number] – Example: +32475123456