CASE 2: CCS – Client satisfaction survey


The challenge

Every two years, CCS conducts a satisfaction survey among its customers. The objective is to improve the products and services based on the survey results.

Why did CCS choose for CheckMarket?

  1. User-friendly tool
  2. Extensive reporting options
  3. Unlimited free support
  4. One invoice for the entire project

The solution

  • CCS could immediately start using the tool, without training.
  • An existing survey was used as the basis for the client survey.
  • CCS’ customers were invited to participate in the survey via a personalised e-mail. After a while, they received an automatic reminder if they had not yet responded or only partially responded.
  • Thanks to the automated alerts feature, CCS instantly received an alert e-mail if a customer was exceptionally satisfied or extremely dissatisfied. The alerts allowed immediate follow-up by account managers.


“CCS will definitely use CheckMarket again next time. The survey tool is very easy to use and the support desk is extremely helpful. Moreover, the tool makes analysing the results a lot easier. I can really recommend CheckMarket!”

Margit Bijsterbosch
Head of Marketing & AR – CCS

About CCS

CCS is the number 1 software and services supplier in the Dutch insurance market, with almost 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of completely integrated solutions for insurance companies. Apart from the branch specific software (Level-7), CCS offers vast services in the field of consultancy, project management, management information, process optimization and best practices.

The result

  • All results were gathered within two weeks.
  • The survey results were available in real-time.
  • CCS used standard reporting functions of the tool, such as a cross-tab report in Excel, a global overview in Word and PDF and a PowerPoint presentation with clear graphics.
  • The client satisfaction survey was designed so that it can easily and quickly be re-used in the future.


Used CheckMarket products and services