Courses & Event Surveys

Use event surveys to collect feedback before,
during or after your events to make sure that the content
meets the expectations or will do so in the future.

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Registration Form

When organizing an event or a course, the follow-up of registrations is sometimes a burden. The CheckMarket survey tool makes life easy as the registrations are efficiently and orderly treated.

Measure Expectations

When preparing a course or an event you want to gauge the expectations. You can do this by linking a survey to the registration form or through a separate survey.

Evaluation Form

Participants of events and courses are often asked afterwards to complete an evaluation survey and give their opinion about the content, pace, complexity, infrastructure and so on.

Exam Form

You can use the CheckMarket survey tool for conducting online tests. By using the extensive choice of 20 types of questions you can enter every conceivable question in our system.

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